Family Lawyers and Child Custody Issues


Child custody issues can be a huge, stress-filled mess that negatively impacts your own life, as well as the lives of your children. This happens whether the parents are divorced or unmarried. To minimize the impact and quell everyone’s anxiety, consider the following types of custody, issues, and commonsense solutions from expert lawyers in Orillia.

Types of Custody

The three main types of custody that can be agreed upon or are often awarded by the courts are:

1. Sole custody is where one parent will have physical and legal custody of the child.

2. Joint custody refers when both parents hates the legal custody of the child and it can be when both of the child’s parents get physical custody of the child.

3. Split custody where one of the parent can have full-time child custody over the other children and one of the parent has their full custody of the other children.

The term physical custody refers to the general day-to-day care of a child and usually covers the residence of the child (i.e. where they will live).

Issue 1: The kids are young and you don’t want them to move from place to place in a joint custody arrangement. You can either have one parent do daily visitations with the kids now and gradually change the arrangement to include overnights as the children get older. If your financial situation allows or if you have family nearby, you can have leave the children in the family home and have the parents move in or out based on the visitation schedule.Learn more updated blog post from

Issue 2: The parents are unmarried. Unmarried parents have the same custody rights and responsibilities as divorced parents. There actually is very little difference in a custody proceeding for unmarried parents compared to divorced parents. Unmarried parents just don’t have all of the issues to resolve about divorce and the division of property.

Issue 3: Both parents want custody of the children. Work out a joint custody arrangement. Joint custody is usually the most beneficial arrangement for your child anyway, as it allows for time with each parent. You can share legal custody of your child, meaning you both have the rights and responsibilities to make decisions about your child’s upbringing, regardless of where that child sleeps. You can also share physical custody and have the child live with one parent for a designated period of time and then the other.

lawyerIssue 4: You are broke and can’t afford an attorney. If both parents are broke, you can work together to come up with a custody arrangement you both can live with and present it to the court for approval. If you both agree, you are less likely to need two separate attorneys. If you simply can’t agree with or trust your former spouse (and you may be divorcing for that very reason), consider contacting legal aid, asking around for a low cost referral, or simply cutting your budget to the bone to make hiring an Orillia lawyer possible.

However, some custody battles become difficult and often consist of a number of various accusations being thrown at the other party in a bid to gain full custody of the child. These can be infrequent yet it is quite hard custody battles, these can be a benefit coming from the best lawyers of family lawyers Orillia.

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